Plenoptics 2013: Call for Participation

EU COST Training School on Plenoptic Capture, Processing and Reconstruction

Sundsvall, Sweden , 16-20 June 2013

Plenoptics is a hot topic and there are a number of research disciplines addressing it, ranging from electrical engineering, computer vision and computer graphics to human visual perception, physics and optics. This training school targets the interdisciplinarity of plenoptic research, creating new ties between students and professionals working in the broad area. Continue reading


3D Goes to the Opera

Sunken Garden is an "occult-mystery film-opera" that uses 3D technology to enrich the audience experience. Created by Dutch composer-director Michel van der Aa and Cloud Atlas author David Mitchell, the opera tells the story of the disappearance of a software engineer and a young socialite, interweaving it with a fantasy sub-tale of a walled garden existing between life and death, physical and virtual. Continue reading