The Third Issue of the 3DLife Newsletter

The third Issue of the 3DLife biannual electronic Newsletter is now available for download! Issue #3 as well as all other issues of the newsletter can be found at the 3DLife website.

The Newsletter is an instrument for regular exchange of information among the 3DLife Network of Excellence (NoE) members and the research community at large. It constitutes the primary means to collect and publicise results achieved through Network activities. The main objectives of the Newsletter are: to report activities undertaken within the NoE; to provide links between European and international initiatives in the field; and to widely disseminate information about published papers (position papers, state of the art reviews) by researchers involved in the network. The Newsletter is a biannual electronic publication but will be also printed and disseminated in the various 3DLife project events. Website users have the possibility to subscribe to the Newsletter and automatically receive each issue in their mailbox.

During the third semester of the 3DLife project’s lifetime a lot has happened. The third Issue of the Newsletter reports on all 3DLife news from the first semester of 2011. The reader can find within this Issue of the Newsletter news about the lively and growing 3DLife Community as well as: (i) news regarding project meetings, publicity, and participation to events, (ii) information about the 3DLife People Exchanges and the 3DLife Integrated Projects (Demos), (iii) news about the consortium’s envisioned European Competence Centre “Excellence in Media Computing and Communication (EMC2)”, (iv) a list of the new 3Dlife publications for the current semester, (v) an open call for the Huawei/3DLife Challenge within ACM MM Grand Challenge 2011, (vi) an open call for 3Dlife – EMC2 Fellowships, and (vii) information about the 3DLife consortium and how to contact it.