Under an open call launched this week, EXPERIMEDIA is making available over €500k to fund new experiments in the area of Future Media Internet (FMI).

Whether you're a service provider, technology/ application developer, broadcaster, content provider, network provider or researcher EXPERIMEDIA are looking for novel FMI experiments that help to understand and deliver new forms of social interaction and experience to communities online and in the real world.

The emphasis is on technology R&D for large-scale live events linking people to each other and to locations in ways that capture popular imagination.

Project participants will gain access to real-world Testbed Ecosystems at Schladming Ski Resort, the Multi-Sport High Performance Centre of Catalonia and the Foundation for the Hellenic World.

The Schladming testbed venue

EXPERIMEDIA seek experiments in the areas of:

● personalised entertainment supporting interaction, non-linear storytelling and immersive experiences;

● social communities using 3D environments to communicate and interact;

● capture and reproduction of the real world in 3D;

● perceptual congruity between real and virtual worlds.

All experiments must deliver significant impact to users and businesses within the testbed venues.

EXPERIMEDIA will be running a series of teleconferences on 4th July to provide information about the facilities and venues. In addition to the technical team, key people from each venue will be available to answer questions about the live events being targeted. Email info@experimedia.eu to register.

The open call closes on Wednesday 1st August 2012. For further details, visit the EXPERIMEDIA website. (See also the EXPERIMEDIA Project Overview (65)).