Plenoptics 2013: Call for Participation

EU COST Training School on Plenoptic Capture, Processing and Reconstruction

Sundsvall, Sweden , 16-20 June 2013

Plenoptics is a hot topic and there are a number of research disciplines addressing it, ranging from electrical engineering, computer vision and computer graphics to human visual perception, physics and optics. This training school targets the interdisciplinarity of plenoptic research, creating new ties between students and professionals working in the broad area.

The training school is for engineers, computer scientists, researchers, PhD students and others interested in gaining an overview and deeper knowledge of plenoptic capture, processing and reconstruction. The training school consists of lectures, hands-on application of theories and processing techniques, as well as discussions on research and development issues.

Five leading experts will give their particular perspectives on plenoptics. Participants will be given the chance to present their current work and obtain feedback from the experts. There will also be exhibitions of plenoptic capture cameras and lightfield displays.

Augmenting the training school will be sports and outdoor activities, beautiful scenery, and the chance to relax in a traditional Swedish sauna!

Confirmed speakers

• Prof. Manuel Martinez Corral, University of Valencia, Spain

• Dr Tibor Balogh, CEO and founder of Holografika Ltd., Hungary

• Prof. Pier Luigi Dragotti, Imperial College, London, United Kingdom

• Dr. Christian Perwass, founder of Raytrix GmbH, Germany

• Prof. Andrew Lumsdaine, Indiana University, USA


• Prof. Mårten Sjöström, Mid Sweden University, Sundsvall, Sweden

• Prof. Atanas Gotchev, Technical University of Tampere, Finland

Early bird registration deadline: 24 May 2013

Grant application deadline: 10 May 2013 (notification by 17 May 2013)

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