Submit Your Business Idea to .ItCup in Pisa!

Do you have an idea for turning research into business?

.itCup is a business competition taking place at the Internet Festival of Pisa, Italy, in October 2013. It is organized by in partnership with Polo Tecnologico.

The competition organisers are seeking seed-stage projects that have a business plan or a draft for development. Up to 8 entrepreneurs will be selected to participate in .ItCup, where they will receive free coaching and an opportunity to present their start-up pitches to a group of leading investors.

The event will consist of 4 phases:

1) Selection
You can register here. Ideas will be evaluated on originality, innovation and market potential.

2) Training and personal coaching
The 8 selected seed-stage projects will participate in a training course and personal coaching session to improve their marketing pitch and business plan.

3) .ItCup day
The selected projects will be presented to investors.

4) Follow-up
Winners will receive a report with proposals and guidelines as a starting point for business development.

.itCup is open to everyone: students, graduates, researchers, professors, freelancers, individually or in teams.

To submit your business idea go to, complete the application forms and send them to by 7th September 2013.