Affiliated Projects

Advanced Video Surveillance Archives Search Engine for Security Applications (ADVISE)

EU FP7 funded project, March 2012 to February 2015

ADVISE, a research project co-funded by the FP7-Security Workprogramme of the EC, aims at designing and developing a framework being able to connect and mine into diverse surveillance-footage archive systems, providing an automated and smart surveillance solutions helping law enforcement authorities to fight against crime.

Real and Virtual Engagement in Realistic Immersive Environments (REVERIE)

EU FP7 funded project, September 2011 to February 2015

REVERIE is a Large Scale Integrating Project funded by the European Union. The main objective of REVERIE is to develop an advanced framework for immersive media capturing, representation, encoding and semi-automated collaborative content production, as well as transmission and adaptation to heterogeneous displays. These are seen as key to pushing social networking towards the next logical step in its evolution: immersive collaborative environments that support realistic interpersonal communication.

Human-enhanced Time-aware Multimedia Search (CUbRIK)

EU FP7 funded project, September 2011 to September 2014

CUbRIK is a Large Scale Integrating Project, developing a multimedia search framework to advance the openness of the multimedia search technology, to incorporate human and social computation and to enrich the semantics of multimedia content and query processing with the support of temporal and spatial entities. These openness principles are core to the framework and allow to easily design custom-search systems tailored to innovative multimedia search scenarios.

Experiments in Live Social and Networked Media Experiences (EXPERIMEDIA)

EU FP7 funded project, October 2011 to September 2014

EXPERIMEDIA will develop and operate a unique facility that offers researchers what they need for large-scale Future Media Internet (FMI) experiments. Testbed technologies will include user-generated high quality content management and delivery, a 3D Internet platform and tools for 3D reconstruction from live events, augmented reality platform, tools for integration of social networks, access technologies and a range of network connectivity options. Testbed management services will provision, control and monitor resources according to SLAs thus offering QoS guarantees.

Bringing the Media Internet to Life! (3DLife)

EU FP7 funded project, January 2010 to June 2013

The purpose of 3DLife is to stimulate joint research by leading European research groups and to create a long-term integration of currently fragmented research addressing media Internet. The project fosters the creation of sustainable and long-term relationships between existing national research groups, and lays the foundations for EMC2.

European Support Framework on Networked Media R&D for SMEs (SMARD)

EU FP7 funded project, September 2011 to February 2013

SMARD is a Coordination and Support Action helping small and medium sized media and internet enterprises to implement and make use of research and development activities in the networked media field by:

  • facilitating access to research findings
  • increasing SME's participation in EU-funded research programmes
  • compiling and establishing goal-oriented processes and services for technology transfer
  • supporting technology commercialization

A Unified Framework for Multimodal Content Search (I-SEARCH)

EU FP7 funded project, January 2010 to December 2012

The aim of the I-SEARCH project is the development of the first search engine able to handle a wide range of specific types of multimedia and multimodal content -- text, 2D image, sketch, video, 3D objects, audio and combinations -- which can be used as queries to retrieve content of any of these types.

Socially Aware, Collaborative, Scalable Coding Media Distribution (SARACEN)

EU FP7 funded project, January 2010 to December 2012

SARACEN's objective is to build a platform to support the delivery of real time streamed content over heterogeneous IP networks in order to offer users Quality of Experience and personalised access to media content.

Content Aware Searching, Retrieval and Streaming (COAST)

EU FP7 funded project, February 2010 to July 2012

COAST aims to build a Future Content-centric Network (FCN) architecture, where the users will specify solely which content or web service they need and the COAST framework will find and deliver the desired data in an efficient, timely and user-/ network-friendly way.