Basic Services

The website you are currently viewing provides access to a series of interactive informational services.

Basic package of informational services

The following services are offered to any visitor of the website for free:

  • the EMC2 blog featuring news, calls, opinion and lively discussion (also available as an RSS feed);
  • the EMC2 event calendar featuring a comprehensive listing of media computing and communication related events;
  • participation in EMC2 surveys/ polls of opinion on hot topics in media computing and communication;
  • membership of the EMC2 social groups in Eventbrite, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook;

Extra package of informational services

Under the FREE membership option (see all membership options here), you will be receiving an EXTRA package of interactive informational services including:

  • EMC2 mail-outs featuring network news, presentations of research efforts, interviews with key figures in the field, etc.;
  • the ability to contribute to the EMC2 blog and start your own lively discussion;
  • free downloads such as informational materials, research posters and presentations;
  • access to extensive lists of researchers and companies in the MC2 field.