EMC2 Survey on Entrepreneurship Training

January 2012

One of the objectives of EMC2 is to organise training and education for new and aspiring entrepreneurs in the field of media and communications.

To help us determine what kinds of provision are likely to be most valuable, we are asking entrepreneurs and business people to complete the following survey. It takes only a few minutes and will help us to design and implement education and training packages to support the next generation of technology entrepreneurs.

The survey is confidential, and neither your name nor personal details will be publicly disclosed.

Thank you very much for your help.

Part A: About You

Which of the following best describes your present role? [Question 1 out of 9]

What is your personal experience of media/communications business start-up? [Question 2 out of 9]

What is your company's area of business? [Question 3 out of 9]

Part B: Entrepreneurship Education

In your view, when should entrepreneurship education begin? [Question 4 out of 9]

Part C: Required Skills

In your view, which are the four (4) most valuable training topics for those starting a media/communications business? [Question 5 out of 9]

Which are the four (4) most valuable training topics for those running a media/ communications business? [Question 6 out of 9]

Part D: Forms of Training

Which are the four (4) most suitable forms of training for new entrepreneurs? [Question 7 out of 9]

Part E: The EMC2 Network

Would you be interested in advising EMC2 on entrepreneurship training? [Question 8 out of 9]

Final Comments

Please add any further observations, comments or suggestions below. [Question 9 out of 9]