Extended Services

Under the FULL membership option (see all membership options here), subscribing EMC2 network members gain access to an EXTENDED package of innovation services including promotion of your business, funding application support, industry/ research matchmaking, previews of world-class research and participation in workshops and networking events.

Promotion of your business

A comprehensive and targeted promotional package for your business comprising:

  • Up to 3 articles about your company and its work published on the EMC2 website.
  • Propagation via our mailing list, which precisely targets almost 2,000 companies, user groups and technologists in the media computing and communication field. (The average open rate for our 10 most recent campaigns is around 40%.)
  • Propagation via our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.
  • Representation at 2 major UK or European technology trade shows, including poster display, distribution of flyers, fielding enquiries and forwarding contact details.

Funding application support

European and national governments and foundations offer a diversity of funding for commercial R&D. But finding the right package, coordinating bids and filling in forms takes up time and energy that busy enterprises can ill afford.

EMC2 can lighten the load. With our broad knowledge of national and European funding opportunities and a track record of successful bids, we can help you to secure the support needed to develop new products and services and bring them to market.

From project formation, to costing and timetableing, to application submission, EMC2 can manage the application process, leaving you free to get on with business.

Matchmaking services for research and technology transfer

By identifying your R&D needs and connecting you with top-level research or commercial partners, EMC2 can support innovation to drive your enterprise forward. Our extensive researcher and industry databases and contact networks throughout Europe will enable us to find you a well-matched partner for collaborative innovation, locally or farther afield.

Through our partner institutions in France, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Greece and Korea, we can advise on industry placements and knowledge transfer opportunities in those countries, as well as in other countries of the European Union.

Previews of world-class research

Under the umbrella of 3DLife, Reverie and other projects, EMC2 partner institutions conduct world-leading research in:

  • 3D media processing for Internet and social networking
  • augmented and virtual realities
  • immersive technologies
  • visualization and simulation
  • 3D motion capture and analysis
  • media processing for 3D broadcasting.

EMC2 researchers have high-level expertise in a range of disciplines including:

  • computer vision
  • computer graphics
  • media networking
  • 3D signal processing for video and audio
  • HCI and human factors
  • autonomous virtual agents.

Full members of the EMC2 network receive notifications of research in progress, and are invited to demonstrations of new technologies, providing opportunities to turn advance knowledge to commercial advantage. You can get a hint by visiting our research showcase.

Networking events and industry workshops

Our highly successful industry workshop in Berlin and special panel session at WIAMIS 2012, Dublin were part of a rolling programme of events designed to bring together industry representatives and academic researchers to explore the leading edge of media and communications technology.

Full members of the EMC2 network receive invitations to all such events, which offer rich opportunities for exploring new developments whilst forging new relationships with others in the field and helping to shape future research agendas.