Special Services

EMC2 offers a number of special services for technology research, technology transfer and entrepreneurship education.

Provision of short courses to industry

A medium- to long-term goal of EMC2 is the provision of education and training services for new and aspiring entrepreneurs in media and communication (MC2), including:

  • mentoring schemes, where experienced entrepreneurs provide advice, guidance and support to new entrepreneurs during the early stages of start-up creation;
  • Ph.D. programmes with entrepreneurial focus, enabling academic researchers to make the transition to MC2 enterprise;
  • online education and training for start-up creation;
  • winter/ summer camps for entrepreneurs.

Access to world-leading research products and expertise

Products of research, primarily original software, are made available to EMC2 network members under commercial license. Our archive of research software and supporting documentation can be viewed here.

EMC2 regularly updates the inventory of research products, especially software that partner institutions are seeking to commercialise through collaboration with industry. Working closely with intellectual property/ knowledge transfer departments of respective institutions, EMC2 contacts prospective companies and makes pitches to secure commercial backing/ collaboration, for which service EMC2 negotiates and agrees a fee with the institution.

Additionally, EMC2 promotes to industry the software development expertise of selected partner institutions in order to secure contracts for them to create new, specialised 3D media/ communication software, or to upgrade or adapt existing research software for commercial use. Each such contract is negotiated between the company, the research institution and EMC2 to decide copyright and IPR issues and the overall fee and its division between the institution and EMC2.

Access to specialized infrastructure

EMC2 academic partners own and manage some of the most sophisticated research equipment/ infrastructure in Europe including state of the art 2D/3D capture studios, large camera arrays, 3D display devices, full body scanners, motion capture systems and much more.

EMC2 arranges access to these resources in cooperation with respective partners and with privileged terms for subscribing members of the EMC2 network. Euipment and facilities are provided on a case-by-case basis according to specific agreements and terms.